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Peel Trident

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Fully Road Legal

The Peel Trident is Peel Engineering's two seater three-wheeled car and the second model to go in to production. With its iconic bubble domed roof and futuristic styling it has been described as a terrestrial flying saucer.

At 72 inches long, it is considerably larger than its little sister, the P50. Although, like the P50, it was designed as a 'shopping car' and was classed as a 'saloon scooter'. Approximately 82 were originally produced on the Isle of Man between 1965-66. In 1966 a four wheeled electric version was also produced. A 1966 Peel Trident recently went up for auction, it sold for over $103,000!

Dragon's Den's James Caan along with Peel enthusiast Gary Hillman and businessman Faizal Khan have reinvigorated the Peel brand, putting into production new, eco-friendly, road legal Peel Tridents. These new Peels remain faithful to the sixties original coming equipped with modern equivalent powerplants. A petrol and electric Trident model with reverse are now being manufactured by us.